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Last Chance to support Europe at Arugam Bay

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Many Football fans are A?happy to have followed every single A? Isoniazid cost Football World Cup match on vacation, and not at home.

Special License times at AbaY. Fun for All

Enjoy the Finals in a similar setting, with the ocean behind at Arugam Bay!

At Arugam Bay everyone enjoyed:
UninterruptedA?coverage, Free attendance, good company, nice music, cheap booze!
And aA?fantasticA?backdrop with the blue ocean behind

Now, there is justA?the Grand Final to be shown.
Below are the dates and times, relevant for Sri Lanka:

The Grand Final is on:
Sunday night (11/12th July)
The game will be at MIDNIGHT

The party will only finish at Sun Rise with a BIG Splash into the clear Indian Ocean Waters!

Match Date – Time Venue Results
64 12/07 00:00 Johannesburg Netherlands Netherlands Preview Spain Spain

Kite Friends of Arugam Bay

Kitesurfing Cheap betapace af is an extreme that has just got off the ground in Sri Lanka. The sport itself is just over 15 years old and numerous developments have occurred increasing the performance and safety of kites. Faith Kiteboarding are a high quality brand that has constantly redesigned kites on a yearly basis to suite the requirements of todaya??s riders.

The a??Jump Eventa?? was more straight forward where Kiters had two opportunities to Jump the longest distance. There was no restriction on the kite size. The results for the respective events are as follows; Continue reading ‘Kite Friends of Arugam Bay’


Arugam Bay Surf Club fully supports The
Arugam Bay Surf Club

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Sri Lanka welcomes surfers as shadow of war recedes

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……Late at night, there is a party on the beach.

“I guessA?[Arugam Bay] is not as developed as some other surfing areas,” says the ASP’s Jake White.

“But I think surf tourism here is really going to boom after this event put it on the map.”……

Just over a year after the end of the long war between the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tiger rebels, the country has played host to its first surfing championship. And as the BBC’s Charles Haviland discovered, both surfers and local residents hope it will not be the last.

Julian Wilson, Arugam - June 2010

Australian Julian Wilson won the first surfing championship in Sri Lanka

As dawn breaks over Arugam Bay, a fisherman casts his net into the lagoon near the long, low bridge that links the remote village to the rest of the country.

By 0700, Arugam’s other main industry is storming into life at the southern end of the beach.

On the massive waves breaking in a blue-green sea, contestants in the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro Surf 2010 “surf their brains out”, to quote one of the live commentators.

They ride the waves in virtuoso performances, astonishingly staying upright – mostly.

“Oh, and he’s disappeared!” roars the Aussie commentator as a losing semi-finalist disappears into a wave that looks 20 feet tall.

“Oh my gosh – just 40 seconds remaining – it was do or die – he had to roll the dice, had to have a go!”

‘Cool experience’

By now there are just two surfers left, of the 128 that started a week earlier. The final winner is a 21-year-old Australian, Julian Wilson.

Top-notch surfing – this is known as a six-star contest – has come to Sri Lanka and Wilson says he feels “unreal” to have won.

“It’s been such a cool experience over here,” he tells the BBC.

“The local people have taken such good care of us; the waves have been good every day,” he says. He hopes to return next year.

The locals of Arugam and Pottuvil, including groups of well-behaved schoolchildren and their teachers, have flocked to see the surfing.

Early in the morning some clamber up the dunes for the best view.

I foolishly follow them when the sun is higher and am forced to retreat from the burning heat of the sand.

It is better under the big canopy where drinks are on hand and where the reggae and hip-hop music is being pumped out.

“We really appreciate the surfers coming here,” Abu Saleem Muzzamil, a tuk-tuk driver, says.

Abu Saleem Muzzamil, tuk-tuk driver

“It gives us a lot of business – tuk-tuks, restaurants, hotel rooms, vegetable shops.

“They’re really friendly: they talk to the local people and the kids. For us, it is like meeting long-lost friends.”

Local surfers

The moment Julian Wilson is out of the water and receiving his trophy, Sri Lankans are in the sea as members of the Arugambay Surfing Club “reclaim” their surf point.

Twenty-four locals were given spots in the tournament and two received prize money.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) donates some surfboards to their local colleagues and the club’s 26-year-old chairman, Fawas Lafeer, is grateful.

Sri Lankan surfer, Arugam - June 2010

“We have really good skilled surfers but we don’t have any lessons, no surf coaches or anything,” he says.

But the club, whose members sport a uniform of black, red-trimmed T-shirts, are doing their own teaching for young local people, including swimming training.

They hope to increase their strength from 35 to 60 quite soon, says Fawas.

He says the membership completely cross-cuts the ethnic and religious divisions in this very mixed part of the country.

Never far away Continue reading ‘Sri Lanka welcomes surfers as shadow of war recedes’

Julian Wilson wins at Arugam Bay

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Asp Winner Julian WILSON. Congratulated here by his youngest fan. Arugam Bay born Miss Leila

Australian Julian WILSON won the ASP Surf Contest at Arugam Bay today.
Perfect waves, beautiful settings and actions all round.

Residents of our remote, underdeveloped little Bay hereby congratulate Julian and thank him for coming to show his skills in this poor part of Sri Lanka.

More photos from ‘behind the world mediaA?scenesA?are appended below.


Arugam Bay a?? A Paradise for Surfers

….A also a paradise for party- and wild animals as well:

Anyone crossing the bridge will realise immediately that Arugam Bay, if only because of its unique weather conditions, is an ideal holiday location. This particular corner of the island is protected from the west monsoon by the natural barrier of the mountain ridge around Monaragala and the great Pottuvil Lagoon acts just as effectively as a shield against the east monsoon. These factors working together explain why this particular region enjoys an average of 330 days of sunshine each year a?? something which will not be found anywhere else in Asia.

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One of the 330 sunsets in a single year

The region is favoured with two major rivers and is therefore never in danger of becoming too arid.

These unusual geographic conditions together with the winds and currents around the coast were first discovered and recognised by surfers in the 1960s and the region quickly became one of the top ten most popular surfing venues in the world. From the end of March until the beginning of October and even for a few days in November, water temperatures range from between 24 and 28 degrees (no need for neoprene suits) and with waves reaching 5 metres the conditions are ideal for surfing. No sharks have ever been sighted in these waters, but occasionally wild elephants from the neighbouring national park have been observed in close proximity to the beaches.

After the discovery of the ideal a??right handa?? surf break at Surf Points, a number of other equally attractive surfing locations became popular.

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Arugam Bay seems to work like a magnet and there are many visitors who come back year after year.

The last 30 years of bitter civil war have not stopped dedicated surfers from returning every year and it is this community that has kept the small coastal town alive.

Surfers and security forces were always good friends

The hippies of the past have now all gone a little grey and mutated to a respectable regular clientele, but they add in their own special way to the fascinating atmosphere of this place. These days, they still join in with about a thousand or so happy visitors who come to take part in the 48 hour Arugam Bay a??Full Moon Partiesa?? that provide a more spontaneous alternative to the now stage managed so-called a??Happeningsa?? in Koh Phangan or Goa.

Arugam's FMP revival

And who would be surprised to learn that, in spite of the worst Tsunami disaster on record, an International Surf Championship took place here in July 2005 with competitors from Australia, England, South Africa and Israel. Many locations now have shops specialising in providing equipment for water sports and a complete outfit can be hired for as little as 500 Rs per day.

It is not only the ocean that provides opportunities for surfing, you can also surf the internet and here you will find more discussion groups and visitor communities dealing with Arugam Bay than any other place in Sri Lanka. Some examples are: Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay a?? A Paradise for Surfers’


Arugam Bay Surf Week Parties

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Arugam Bay is ready to surf

Sri Lanka is getting ready to surf its way up with two international surf festivals organised to be held next month.

Tourists surfing at Arugam Bay

Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Dileep Mudadeniya told Daily FT yesterday that two surf competitions will be held next month at Arugam Bay attracting 300 surf lovers.

a??There will be a British Pro Surf competition in the first week of July and the next week will be dedicated to an international level surfing competition,a?? Mudadeniya said.

The British Pro Surfing Competition is set to attract 75 to 100 British nationals and the Five Star Surfing Championship will attract 200 persons from 15 to 20 countries. The Five Star Championship will be held from 18 to 25 July.

a??This is a world quality event and Sri Lanka tourism can attend a large mileage from organizing such events. And the regional empowerment is also vital. The local economic development is set to score high with so many people coming down in one month,a?? Mudadeniya asserted.

Some 200 rooms, all there is available in the area, have been already booked for the event.

Arugam Bay Cheap glucovance is on the list of the top 10 surf points in the world. Situated on the South East side of Sri Lanka Arugam Bay receives the same Antarctic winter swell’s that hit Indonesia in the in the middle of the year.

The best time of the year is between May and November when the predominant wind is offshore for at least the first half of the day.


World Cup shown LIVE at Arugam Bay

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world cupTop Question today:

Some unuasual (sic) question.
As you know there will be the world cup in 2 weeks.
Will it be possible to watch the games in Sri-Lanka
as a non-football country?I am now still in central-asia.
Thank you”

The 2006 World cup @ the SVH. More impressions and memories in gallery below

Answer submitted by the SVH, A?Arugam Bay:

The SVH (Siam View Hotel) has shown all major games LIVE on two huge screens for many, many years. Surround sound, open air cinema, best draft home-produced all natural beer etc.

Cheap himcocid Three stand-by generators! Power cuts are frequent.
This is the place to be and enjoy the world cup in a great setting overlooking the entire Bay.
And in the Company of a great crowd.
Other hotels will also show the games, on small TV’s, as many now have a simple Dialog Sat. connection.


SriLankan Airlines Pro set to go at the world famous Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Professional surfing welcomes another new, exciting and exotic event to the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Mena??s Star Rated Tour with the inaugural SriLankan Airlines Pro set to kick off in perfect point waves at the famed Arugam Bay on Sri Lankaa??s superb south east coastline.

Owen Wright 2009 Sri Lankan Airlines Pro Winner

Ita??s a concept that has been evolving over the past few years and ASP Australasia in conjunction with the main sponsor SriLankan Airlines are thrilled to announce the event will begin on Friday June 18 which is absolute prime time swell and surf season.

a?? This has been an event we have worked on for a number of years and to be finally in a position to run is immensely rewardinga?? said ASP Australasian Tour manager Dane Jordan.

a?? I have just returned from the event site ensuring everything is in place to run and I can report that not only is the local community enthusiastic and ready, but the sand set up at the famous point is lining up perfectly and wea??re in for an amazing event a?? the waves while I was there were some of the most perfect high performance sand bottom point waves imaginable and as we move in to monsoon season the signs are that wea??ll run an epic event.a??

Tropical weather, water temperatures that will probably make this event the warmest ASP surfing contest in the world along with incredible Sri Lankan cuisine and hospitality make this an event of intrigue.

Arugam Bay sits just north of the famous Yala National Park of Sri Lanka with local wild life in abundance that includes Elephants, Leopards and Pythons setting the scene for an exciting adventure in a paradise setting .

a??The Sri Lankan people are thoroughly prepared and we all intend to make certain competitors, media and event staff have an awesome time in Sri Lankaa?? added Jordan.

The events starts on Friday June 18 Continue reading ‘SriLankan Airlines Pro set to go at the world famous Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka’


Wordcup 2010

Advance notice to all Football lovers: Pilex ointment online is pleased to inform you that ALL games will be shown LIVE on at least two BIG screens at Arugam Bay this summer.
Surround sound, good vibes, open air cinema, BBQ and all the trimmings.
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More details will follow soon.

Be here.
With us in the famous Bay!


How the world knew Arugam Bay.

— Majority of the world, especially the West got to know about Arugam Bay, only after the 2004 tsunami.

Arugam Bay 'City' Centre and view to Main Surf Point

There was a moving episode on America’s most-popular talk show, theA?Oprah Winfrey Show where a tsunami survivorA?Nate Berkus was interviewed. The Chicago-based interior designer Nate Berkus related his story on television about his vacation going awry. He was relaxing at a beach cottage in Arugam Bay with his partner photographerA?Fernando Bengoechea, when the deadly tsunami struck. Even though Nate was spared, unfortunately, Fernando’s life wasn’t. Continue reading ‘How the world knew Arugam Bay.’


PottuVille Post Election

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PottuVille/Arugam Bay
A Dialog is needed

PottuVille is Very relaxed. Residents are more ‘laid back’ than ever.

Business is 'brisk' in PottuVille (Only sleeping)

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Busy Market town of PottuVille

All is quiet in the East.
Residents ponder what the future may bring.


A safe, heavenly Haven: Arugam Bay

All is quiet and peaceful on the Eastern Front, we are happy to confirm. is totally neutral and will always remain stricly non-political.
We are however committed to publish any relevant article, which our semi-automatic system detects somewhere on the wide Internet, whenever the word “Arugam” is mentioned.
History will be made in just two days time.
So safety and security is very relevant.

Too young to vote. But this boy knows that his motherland is going through exiting, decisive times

The best will emerge as a winner.
In this context, the article below is political, but alsoA? relevant. Because it addresses the mood in and around Delivery ginette-35 Arugam Bay and on its approach roads.

Relevant, because some fear violence after the election; there might be a bad looser around and suporters may be very disappointed.
As far as we can judge, there is no danger at all in and around Arugam Bay Prevacid manufacturer backorder .
As a resort, we are happy to recommend a short, safe holiday break aways from possible trouble elsewhere in the aftermath of the vote count.

Here is Nirmala’s personal assessment of the mood around our Bay:

Nirmala Kannangara in Arugam Bay

The lone supporter of …….. Continue reading ‘A safe, heavenly Haven: Arugam Bay’

AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award

Nominated for the Best of British Award by the Daily Telegraph, London

The SVH on the Surfer’s Bay of Arugam. Established 1977 by a devout CAMRA member. The “Siam View” is still run by the same Manx expat and his family to this day. Despite the 30 war years and 2004 Tsunami this place never once closed its doors for even one single day. Home of more than a dozen all natural draft beers. Continue reading ‘AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award’


A Dead End: Arugam Bay