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11th day, 11 Month, 11Hrs. 11Minutes @ AbaY

Colombo is said to be flooded.

However, yet another fine andA? dry day at Arugam Bay! Buy tadalista 20 Purchase reglan for nausea

Lazy, dry AbaY in Nov.: 11 / 11/ 2010 @ 11:11 hrs.


And we are back! On Facebook!

Done! Super Happy ARUGAM !

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We managed to resurrect our popular Facebook page “Arugam Surf”.
Which was knocked off the net exactly 2 months ago.

Arugam Surf
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Please join, participate, submit YOUR photos, videos. Let’s make this page even more popular.
Please understand that we had to add additional security features to avoid access to our hacker ‘friends’ in future.


Arugam Bay is getting ready to drum

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A message of Love from Arugam Bay

Bing a drum, a kettle. Or your Pot! 🙂 And join the Global Million Beats/per hr. experiment !

This Saturday, 18:30 @ AbaY Beach Front of SVH

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There will be people drumming all over the globe, in homes, gardens, car parks, fields and beaches, in cities and villages alike. Join us at one of the locations below or in your own home wherever you are in Sri Lanka.
Please suggest locations convenient to you which you and your friends would like to gather at on the page so others nearby can join you. All that matters is the relevant time, tempo and good vibe.
The drumming will begin on a hilltop Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay is getting ready to drum’

Lanka Challenge at Arugam Bay

Lanka Challenge at Arugam Bay

…..we enjoyed our stop at Arugam Bay more than any other….(quote)

Getting to know the country, people and culture, all in a tuk-tuk
By Dhananjani Silva, Pix by Nilan Maligaspe
Tuk-ish Delight followed by Trinco and Back, Orbis, The Third Wheel, Shake and Bake, Mothertukkers, the Wolf Pack, The Dragon Wagon, Wherea??s Ali and Jar of Vegemitea?? in they came, a line of decorated tuk tuks carrying a bunch of excited, comically dressed foreigners.

Some 30 tuk tuks wrapped up this yeara??s Lanka Challenge which brought about 80 adventurous foreigners to the island to explore its scenic beauty and culture on board a tuk-tuk. As they went from point to point each day, they had to face many challenges involving culture and community in unfamiliar terraina??manoeuvring a trishaw being the biggest of them all.

Lianne Dawes and Karen Tonner from UK, the two a??Happy Hippiesa?? as they introduced themselves got down from the a??Muthertukkersa?? in multicoloured outfits. The fun-loving duo who profess a fondness for wine, photography and dancing said they wanted to do something fun and different which is why they decided to hit the Lankan roads navigating the tuk tuk.

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a??Driving this was challenging and initially I was terrified. But later I really started enjoying it. When we had a couple of breakdowns, the locals came and helped us and that is something unheard of in our countries,a?? said Lianne.

Their 10-day long journey took them right round the country from Katunayake through Negombo to Sigiriya, Trincomalee, Dambana, Arugambay, Buttala, Weerawila, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Colombo. The participants were judged by their tour timing from one point to another and the performance of tasks. The tour included two camping nights; one with the wanniyala-aetto in Dambana and another in Botakadan camp in Weerawila which is designed using Land Rover spare parts. Continue reading ‘Lanka Challenge at Arugam Bay’



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Forgiveness in Arugam Bay

A unique shot across the Bay. Showing the internationally very popular, but locally controversial Siam View Beach Bar in the background, its night light reflecting

Here is the little wave in front of our bungalow taken at about 7:00pm.

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Searching. Found a nice little beach break today.