Arugam’s Amazing Low Transfer Offer

Airport – Arugam Bay- Airport
(2 round trips)
Just $225 all inclusive for a total of 1,400km
That comes to  only 16 Cents/km
(a Tuk Tuk costs 38 Rs./ km….!!)
Have Peace of mind and get by far the cheapest transfer on the entire island
Book here, with this easy, direct link:
Special Return Offer 2017

Sample Vehicle Actual transport provided might differ

Sample Vehicle
Actual transport provided might differ

You are assured to get the Best, most reliable and most decorated taxi Service. Provided by the Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative.
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8 Responses to “Arugam’s Amazing Low Transfer Offer”

  • u can contact me on whatsapp at +79651782763

  • hey guys!
    sharing a taxi to arugam bay(16000 Rs)on may 3rd at 2 am.

  • Hi,

    I’m landing in Colombo on June 29th at around 4pm. Are there already any taxis heading for A-Bay that day? Anybody willing to share?


  • Giovanni Bigi

    I m need a taxi from Colombo to ABay the 21st of July.. is it possible?
    Someone would like to share a taxi with me and a friend to get there?? If yes please text me!! 😉

  • Of course!
    The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative can ensure to provide a safe, fully insured, air-conditioned vehicle at any time of day or night for your journey.
    Please book online :

    Automatically your transfer will be advertised to share with others
    (Unless you wish to remain private and by yourselves that is)

  • need a taxi from Arugam bay to Colombo on wed 6 april 2116
    2 people
    can you help /

    has agreed to a promotion rate with the Arugam Bay Taxi Initative.
    Just 16,000 Rs./ all-icl. (a/c mini bus for up to 7 people) at any time day or night.

  • Hi,

    Could you please give me a firm price on a taxi fare from Colombo airport to Arugam bay at approximately 11 am on Saturday 27 August 2016.
    Thanks for your help



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