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Netfinder just notified us today, of an entry dating back 3 years:
414 – 01/23/06 08:27 AM Most remote Hotspot [Re: BenSisko]
Arugam Bay was covered by free WiFi 2002-07

Arugam Bay was covered by free WiFi 2002-07

“I am writing this message from what I thought is the end of the world.
What a surprise to find a FREE Broadband Hotspot in this location; a 10hr. trip East of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
In Tamil, Elephant and Tiger territory.

I am in Arugam Bay.”


For more than a quarter of a Century we promote a most beautiful, remote area. This is Arugam Bay. Located in Eastern Sri Lanka. The best Surf Spot and a most amazing unspoiled wildlife are some of our main attractions. So are the famous Full Moon Parties of the SVH (Siam View Hotel) Pity GE does not show enough detail! YOU have to come and visit.
AbHa provided the only broadband and WiFi coverage in the East ever since 2002.
This free  service was only terminated in 2007 because it was abused by visiting NGO’s.
The high cost (100,000Rs./ month) was paid for by the SVH- which never received even one single rupee from any source, for any purpose.

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  • Samitth Siri,

    Yes, 3G is available via Mobitel in Arugam Bay. It costs (as I recall) 50 rupees for 1 day or 100 MB, whichever comes first. Of course you have to buy a SIM card first (it will cost a few dollars) and you have to have a 3G-capable phone or a 3G USB stick to use it. Connection speeds are typically 1 MB/sec down, but much less than up. I found that that impressive – and useful.

    Kind Regards,

  • Varuna

    Ab Ha is avery confusing. Wont it be nice to change it to ABHA to represent Arugam Bay Hotel Association

  • Varuna

  • MAXA nice to hear about it. So…… now I must plan to take my laptop for the Arugam Bay trip. My friends can see me @ the worlds most beautiful beach. Thank god! 🙂

    may I know that there is 3G network coverage @ Arugam Bay?

  • AbHa: Arugam Bay Hotel Association

  • So very sweet of AbHa to provide this FREE service. And by the way what does AbHa stand for ? ( i am very ignorant !!!!)

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